Taking Care of Our Home —

Building Renovation and Improvement Project

The back wall repair and drainage system has been completed thanks to the crew at Kreighoff-Lenawee Company and their subcontractors Radant Electric, F&S Landscaping Company, and the masonry contractors, Ohio Building Restoration.  They worked expeditiously so the museum could reopen for the Tecumseh annual “Appleumpkin Festival”.  We thank them so much.  However, our outside work is not yet done as we found out.

Reviewing the outside structure of our historic building there are several windowsills, a door sill, tower caps, and some masonry patching between stones that will add an additional $25,000 to the project cost.  The TAHS Board has approved the additional cost, but we still need your support to make this happen.

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The City of Tecumseh Council approved funding to aid in the wall replacement, along with waiving permit fees, and sweeping the lot before the festival.  Frontier Communications removed a cable formerly feeding the building and granted us permission to use their lot across the street for festival parking.  Opening the museum at the festival we saw around 800 visitors with over 250 cars parked in the lots helping us to raise funds for operations of the museum.

As we continue to seek additional funding for the replacement of the front steps and the addition of the handicapped ramp, we’d like to give appreciation to the following grant makers that are helping us with this total project.  The Lenawee County Board of Commissioners approved our request under the American Rescue Plan for funds to support these museum projects.  We are grateful to the staff that worked hard to determine that the pandemic had many repercussions on a variety of organizations.

TAHS was also approved by the Michigan Arts & Cultural Council for grant funding toward the total project and we thank the members of this multi-level process for the review and approval for funding. 

It is a goal to have the total project completed and landscaping in place before the 2024 Semi-Centennial (50 years) at Tecumseh Area Historical Society!  And, of course, the 2024 Bicentennial of the City of Tecumseh!

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