Tecumseh Area Historical Society members are our greatest supporters.  They help to staff the museum and events, and volunteer their time to manage our organization.  In addition, they make it possible to provide:

  • Innovated displays and expansion of exhibits that provide an in-depth and exciting way to explore the history of our community.
  • The unfolding stories through the collection of artifacts that chronicle the lives and development in our town that not only make history here but all across the United States.
  • Displays which show the economic viability of Tecumseh from its earliest days.
  • Educational programs that serve school children by providing new field trip experiences and classroom resources to keep history alive and make learning fun.
  • Any person interested in promoting the purposes of The Tecumseh Area Historical Society and the Tecumseh Historical Museum is eligible for membership, which entitles you to our bi-monthly newsletter, reduced rates on some Museum events and discounts in the Museum Gift Shop, as well as advance notification of events, workshops, and meetings.
  • As a member, your support provides the financial foundation to the success of The Tecumseh Area Historical Society and its museum, allowing us to preserve one of Tecumseh’s historic buildings.
  • You can become a driving force for the Museum as a board member, or learn the inside operations as a docent or assistant archivist and conservator, or join in on building maintenance or internet operations. Members can present or expand their knowledge of historical events, buildings, and people with research projects or group presentations and speaking engagements. Your membership can make it happen here in Tecumseh!

Our members help bring our region’s stories to life! You’ll enjoy the benefits of membership while knowing your support ensures that Tecumseh Area Historical Society remains a vital resource of history and inspiration for generations to come.

Help make Tecumseh Area Historical Society and its Historical Museum a vital part of the community. Join today, either by mail or through our secure PayPal online process.

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