World War II on Display

The War that changed America into a manufacturing mecca, brought women in the work place, and showed men unspecified horrors that took place from Europe to the Philippines. Men who fought in Germany, Luzon, Manila, The Bulge all with stories to tell their hometown about the sights and sounds of deafening bullets and shells blasting through the air around them. Stories that are becoming lost in mists of time.

Historian Robert Elliott has brought his collection of World War II memorabilia to the museum displaying the uniforms, badges, tastes of home, and the pictures of those from the Tecumseh area.  Also on display is the local manufacturing by Tecumseh Products of shells made for the war. Sit down and reminisce about your parents, or your own involvement and memories of this war. Did you have a mother working in a plant as Rosie the Riveter or volunteering in Red Cross?  Was your dad or grandfather a medic, a foot soldier, or in the trenches of some of the worst battles?

This display will be at the Tecumseh museum until June 13, 2015.  Stop by on Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to view this amazing exhibit.

World War II

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