Each year the Tecumseh Area Historical Society looks to its members, guests, and neighbors to help us raise funds to assist with not only the operations of the museum and its building maintenance, but special projects we’d like to accomplish. Without your donations the museum would not be able to showcase the many items donated through the year that help us understand history, and more importantly, the history of our community.

Around 400 students from the Tecumseh Public Schools have visited to learn about how the museum is an important part of the community and to enhance its Native American studies.  Over a thousand visitors come from not only Tecumseh for their “first time ever” visit but from out of state each year.  It is so rewarding to listen to their stories of Tecumseh ties through relatives or just reading about the activities that take place here each year.

Support History — Support Tecumseh History — by donating.  Click on the picture and print it out and mail it in to our offices at any time during the year.  Or visit our PayPal donation button on Facebook or here on the website on the donation page.  Whichever way you choose to give, please give to support your Tecumseh Historical Museum.