Taking Care of Our Home —

Building Renovation and Improvement for 2021-22

Working to repair our building in 2022, TAHS needs to raise approximately $180,000 to fix by anchors the bowing back wall, create a drainage system to run water away from the decaying lower blocks, create expansion joints and fill the gap created due to the lack of them.  In addition, TAHS has the opportunity to add a handicapped accessibility ramp to the front doors and replace the cracked and decaying front steps.  Finishing the construction will result in additional asphalt repairs; therefore, the parking lot will also be torn up and replaced.  Landscaping will complete the project.

TAHS needs your help in making this happen.  While the Executive Board is busy soliciting grant and foundation funds to aid in this endeavor, they need you to help also.

If you wish to donate now, click to take you to our PayPal button on the Donations Page.

It is a goal to have all the work completed during 2022 and landscaping in place before the 2024 Semi-Centennial (50 years) at Tecumseh Area Historical Society!  And the 2024 Bi-Centennial of the City of Tecumseh!

Would you like to PLEDGE to donate at a later date (before December 20, 2021}?  Pledges may be made by mail, telephone, or in person.  Complete our Pledge form. 

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