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A variety of items are on sale at the museum with proceeds aiding the preservation and promotion of the history of the Tecumseh area.  A selection of books about Tecumseh and its history — people, buildings, homes, travel. Stop by the museum for now to pick up one or two, as we work to develop our online store.

Pick up your copy at our museum, or, if you are interested but can’t make it by, send us your name, address, phone number, and book order along with your check payable to Tecumseh Area Historical Society including $5.00 which covers the cost of postage.

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_wsb_157x213_A+Country+Town+book+coverOne Hundred Years, A Country Town
by Clara Waldron
Price: $10.00

Countless hours of researching and writing about the first 100 years of Tecumseh’s history can be found in this book written back in 1968. Early Native Americans, settlers from New York, farming, milling, churches, business, railroads, schools, and the men and women who have made Tecumseh what it is and was during its first one hundred years.

_wsb_143x210_BTB+coverBeyond the Boulevard, Historic Buildings of Tecumseh, Michigan
by Diane E. Proctor
Price: $15.00

A series of written sketches about the people and their homes and businesses, along with many pictures showing the details and skills used in the buildings. Many homes are listed with the National Register of Historic Buildings. First published in 1996, this book encompasses so many aspects of the history of Tecumseh’s structures.

God is my LandloardGod is My Landlord

By Raymond J. Jeffries

Price: $10.00

This book tells the story of Perry Hayden and his experiment to show that tithing “works”. Hayden, born an Episcopalian but converted to Quaker once he married the four-leaf clover-finding Elizabeth Comfort, has an ambitious plan to plant 1 cubic inch of wheat, harvesting the crop, tithe 10%, and plant the remaining harvest. He repeats this for 6 years (work for 6 and rest on the 7th). The idea is to show that even by giving away 10% of the earnings each year, your assets will still grow. Interesting story on Henry Ford, the Tecumseh Michigan area and Perry Hayden’s “Dynamic Kernal” experiment.

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Tecumseh The First Century, Images of America Tecumseh The First Century, Images of America
by Kern Kuipers and Amanda Payeur
Price: $22.00 

The authors, sharing a fascination with history and historic structures, have selected photographs from various collections to tell the story of Tecumseh through images of the past. Homes, cars, buildings, houses, people all fulfill the yearnings to see what it was like in Tecumseh’s past.